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WellSpark: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind for High-Risk Activities

When it comes to an aging parent, safety is your family’s top priority. As your loved one ages, their needs will change, and they may require additional assistance with their activities of daily living to keep them safe. Non-medical, in-home care is a top choice for many aging seniors who wish to maintain their independence and their quality of life so they can age comfortably within their own homes. WellSpark care is a form of in-home care that is a good fit for aging adults who don't need a full-time caregiver but do require additional assistance as they age. 

Wellness Check-Ups

Unlike home health care, non-medical caregivers will not provide medical care for your aging loved one. However, professional caregivers who are trained, certified, and qualified to assist can check in on your loved one as needed to ensure they are healthy and happy. This includes companionship care, socialization, and regular health check-ins.

Medication and Appointment Reminders

You can rest assured that your aging loved one is taking their medication as prescribed even when you’re not there to help them organize it when you have the help of a professional in-home caregiver. Non-medical care can include medication reminders when needed and transportation to doctor's appointments. 

Meal Preparation

As your loved one ages, their diet becomes an increasingly more important factor in their overall wellness. Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein is associated with a lower risk for osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. However, it can also get increasingly challenging for aging adults to prepare nutrient-dense meals for themselves as they age due to health conditions, lack of mobility, problems chewing food, or having less energy to cook and clean. Non-medical providers of care with WellSpark will cook healthy meals tailored to your loved one’s tastes and take care of cleaning the kitchen as well. 

Personal Care

It can be increasingly challenging for adult children to take on the responsibilities of caregiving for their aging parent, especially when it comes to helping them maintain their personal hygiene. By bringing in a caregiver, you can focus on being your loved one’s support system instead of their caretaker. HomeSpark caregivers will assist with bathing, toileting, incontinence care, personal hygiene, dressing, and grooming while treating your loved one with the respect they deserve. 

Help When You or Your Loved Ones Need It

The HomeSpark WellSpark service is for anyone looking to stay safe while performing high-risk activities. The WellSpark service can also be used to check up on a loved one's health status, especially when extended care hours are not warranted.  We will help you develop a personal care plan tailored to your loved one’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our WellSpark program. 



At HomeSpark, We Care for People

If you or your loved one is in need of non-medical home care services, contact HomeSpark today for a consultation. We will help you develop a personal care plan tailored around your individual needs.