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Falls are common as we age. Assess, assist, and prevent falls with our tips. Consider in-home care for safety and assistance. Contact HomeSpark for non-medical care options.
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Quality caregiving communication involves thorough health understanding, question preparation, and note-taking during medical visits. In-home care services from HomeSpark support routine doctor's visits, transportation, medication management, and overall well-being!
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53 million American adults are currently caring for aging family members, facing many challenges such as stress and burnout. Respite care is a solution that emphasizes the benefits for caregivers' well-being.
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Discover better options than nursing homes for seniors. Explore assisted living, senior communities, and in-home care for personalized and independent aging. Find the right fit for your loved one's needs and lifestyle.
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Here are some tips to keep your loved ones safe at home during fall. Clear walkways, good lighting, and removing rugs can help prevent falls. Use technology like medical alert devices and alarms, and consider hiring professional caregivers for companionship, personal care, and household help.
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High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis - these are only a handful of the health conditions that senior adults are at a heightened risk for that are exacerbated by an unhealthy amount of sodium in the diet. 
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Many people tend to think of physical health when they think of aging - but mental health and physical health are interconnected and both contribute to an individual’s overall well-being. At least 15% of adults over the age of 60 are living with a mental health condition.
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Staying active and maintaining mobility is crucial for aging adults to maintain physical health and overall emotional well-being. Read our tips on strength training, balance practice, stretching, and endurance to promote your overall health and decrease the risk of disease.
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Living with diabetes can be challenging. Although home care is non-medical, there are several ways that a professional in-home caregiver can aid an aging loved one with diabetes. Read more to learn about the needs of diabetic seniors and how in-home care can help.
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The new year is a symbol of a fresh start. For families with aging loved ones, the blank slate of the new year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year, re-evaluate priorities, and set intentions. At HomeSpark, our resolution every year is to help you make the best possible choice for you and your loved one.
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