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The responsibility of knowing that your loved one is relying on you, the exhaustion at the thought of everything you need to do in a day, and the guilt eating at you that you aren’t doing enough - caregiver burnout is real.
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Discover the value of professional in-home care for seniors with HomeSpark. Our services promote independence, combat loneliness, assist with daily tasks, offer respite care, and alleviate caregiver burnout.
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When is it time to hire an in-home caretaker for aging parents? Look for signs like difficulty with daily tasks, high fall risk, and changes in personality. HomeSpark offers non-medical caregivers for assistance, safety, and companionship. Contact HomeSpark for more information.
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53 million American adults are currently caring for aging family members, facing many challenges such as stress and burnout. Respite care is a solution that emphasizes the benefits for caregivers' well-being.
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No one wants to think about the day that their parents will reach an age in which they can no longer care for themselves. It’s a difficult transition that many adult children face, but one that can be made more smoothly when you take time to consider your options before the time comes to decide.
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The threat of fire is very dangerous for many aging adults. Fortunately, there are preventative steps you can take to keep your loved one in in-home care safe. We share our fire safety tips for caregivers and what to do in the event of a fire.
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The new year is a symbol of a fresh start. For families with aging loved ones, the blank slate of the new year is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year, re-evaluate priorities, and set intentions. At HomeSpark, our resolution every year is to help you make the best possible choice for you and your loved one.
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83% of caregivers in the United States are family members or friends, and nearly half of all unpaid caregivers for older adults are providing care for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. At HomeSpark, our certified caregivers are here to compassionately provide the additional support your family needs.
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Through HomeSpark, we provide trustworthy, non-medical, in-home care services to the Bryan and College Station community. We are committed to giving back to those who have done so much for their families, communities, and country through personalized care plans. If you are passionate about changing how seniors are cared for, we would love to talk to you about joining our team as an in-home caregiver.
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As the number of individuals choosing to age in the comfort of their own homes increases, the need for quality, non-medical, in-home care services is growing. HomeSpark are happy to help you assess the individual non-medical needs of a loved one and create a personalized care plan.
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