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5 Signs It Might be Time to Consider In-Home Care

One of the most challenging parts of getting older is watching your parents age and have difficulty doing the things they once did with ease. As you evaluate your options for prioritizing their health, an important question emerges: how do you know when it’s time to consider hiring an in-home caretaker for your loved one?

Trouble Performing Daily Tasks

Activities of daily living including keeping up with laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, and making the bed can be overwhelming for aging adults who are struggling with their balance and mobility. If you see that your aging parent is having trouble performing these tasks, it may be a sign that you need a professional caregiver to help.

The solution: HomeSpark in-home caregivers are equipped to help with regular household duties, personal hygiene care, and transportation services

High Fall Risk

Falling is the leading cause of injury for adults over the age of 65 and resulted in 3 million emergency department visits in 2020 alone. Elderly adults living with vascular diseases, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and vertigo are at an increased risk but falling can also be the result of losing senses and mobility while aging or dizziness from medication

The solution: A professional in-home caregiver will be with your loved one to keep them safe and help them move around their home and community. HomeSpark will also conduct a Home Safety Assessment to help you remove any potential trip hazards. 

Loneliness and Isolation

1 in 3 adults between 50 and 80 years old reported feeling isolated from others in 2023. If your loved one is spending an increasing amount of time alone or is expressing that they are feeling lonely as they age, that is something to take seriously

The solution: Non-medical, in-home caregivers are compassionate and trained to provide meaningful companionship to your aging loved one. You can rest assured that someone you trust is spending quality time with them, engaging them in conversation, learning about their history, getting them outdoors for walks or gardening, playing games, or taking them to community events.

Caregiver Burnout

Taking care of an aging parent is a full-time job in many cases, and it’s common to feel overwhelmed by this responsibility. Caregiver burnout is real and often manifests in the form of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that affects your well-being. 

The solution: Hiring a professional in-home caregiver provides you with the opportunity to rest and spend more meaningful time with your aging loved one. HomeSpark offers respite care to help relieve the stress and burnout associated with being a family caregiver. 

Changes in Personality 

Sudden changes in your aging loved one’s personality can be a sign of a more serious underlying health condition such as dementia. If your loved one is beginning to look and act differently than usual, it’s often a sign that they need more assistance. 

The solution: Unlike medical home care, in-home caregivers are not providers of medical attention. However, HomeSpark caregivers spending time with your loved one will be able to help you monitor their overall well-being to ensure they are eating nutritious food, taking care of their personal hygiene, and avoiding loneliness. 

At HomeSpark, we understand that choosing to bring the right caregiver into your family’s home is an important decision. Contact us today to learn more about our non-medical, in-home care services. 



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