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Simple Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

28 Dec, 2020 | HomeSpark, Quality of Life | Health | Return|

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, the average life expectancy has increased by more than 30 years over the last century.  Physicians have extended our quantity of life but what can we do to help improve the quality of those extra years?

Address Depression

According to the National Institute for Mental Illness (NAMI), over 6.5 million people aged 65+ are dealing with depression. There are many types and causes of depression. Genetics and brain chemistry may contribute to your loved ones' depression, meaning this is not something they can just “snap out of,” on their own. If your senior loved one exhibits signs of depression such as:

  • loss of interest in once pleasurable activities
  • irregular sleeping or heating habits
  • fatigue and sadness,

encourage them to see a physician or therapist.

If your senior is experiencing isolation depression, HomeSpark can help by providing companionship and encouragement to participate in fun activities.

Ask THEM for Help

Yes, you read that right. We often think about how we can help our aging parents and grandparents, but don’t forget, they have a lot to offer us as well. As we age, it is very important to keep our minds sharp and active, to feel needed and to have a purpose.  According to recent studies, seniors with a sense of purpose are less likely to experience strokes, heart attacks and cognitive impairment.

Ask them to help you on a project to preserve the family history for future generations, to sort the mail, helping the grandkids with their history homework or getting the groceries if they are willing and able. No one wants to feel like a burden to their loved ones, so ask them to help with in the way that best suits their talents and abilities.

Create Achievable Goals

A healthy diet, regular exercise, social engagement, mental stimulation, quality sleep, and stress management are all important to living a healthy life.  Encourage small goals like getting 30 minutes of light exercise daily, planning and finishing a craft project, or adding a healthy vegetable to their daily diet. HomeSpark in-home caregivers can help with grocery shopping, and meal preparation and can take your loved ones out for some exercise to help them meet the goals they set.

Embrace Technology

Technology is all around us and can be scary and confusing for some.

From life alert buttons and Med Minders to Facebook portal and Alexa, technology keeps us safe and connected.  Help your senior loved ones to understand how to use these technologies and the benefits they provide.

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