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Top Home Care Mistakes to Avoid

Providing care for an aging family member is not a simple task - no matter how much research and preparation you have done.

If you are one of the 53 million Americans providing home care for a family member, you can’t expect to be perfect no matter how much you love the person in your care. Awareness of some of the most common home care mistakes will help you avoid them. We have compiled a list of them below.

Underestimating the Work of Caregiving

Being the primary caregiver for an aging loved one is mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging. One of the most common home care mistakes that people make is assuming that they can handle it alone without accepting help from others or taking a break for themselves.

You can avoid this home care mistake by being open and honest with other members of your family or people that you trust, being willing to accept help from others, and taking time for yourself to recharge whenever possible without feeling guilty about it.

Not Planning Properly

When providing home care, one of the most important things you can do is establish a routine that meets the physical, mental, and emotional needs of your loved one. This includes planning meals that meet their nutritional requirements, performing routine safety assessments of their home, ensuring that their hygiene needs are met, providing financial help, encouraging mental stimulation, creating opportunities for movement when possible, and encouraging them to nurture relationships with friends and their community.

You can be as prepared as possible by staying up to date on your loved one's existing and developing health conditions, learning new caregiving skills, and downloading HomeSpark’s free home safety assessment.

Not Considering Your Loved One’s Wishes

You want what is best for your loved one but transitioning to home care can be a challenging adjustment for many aging adults.

As a primary decision-maker in their health and wellness, don’t forget to consider their wishes. Take time to check in with your loved one to see what they feel comfortable with when it comes to their home care needs.

Waiting to Find Professional Caregiving Help

Neglecting your own needs eventually leads to caregiver burnout, a state of mental and physical exhaustion that occurs in caregivers who unsustainably give more time, money, and energy than they are able to without recognizing their personal limits.

You can avoid this home care mistake by reaching out for professional help before you start feeling overwhelmed or experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, depression, disrupted sleep, weight change, headaches, bodily pain, or any of the lasting health effects of these changes.

HomeSpark Can Help

At HomeSpark, we know that these home care mistakes are common because we see them in our own community. We understand the unique challenges that come with caregiving, and we want to be able to support your family through this time so you can spend more quality time with your loved one.

Our professional caregivers are well-trained to go above and beyond caregiving expectations, and truly take the time to get to know your loved one to provide the best care possible. Contact us today to learn more about our non-medical in-home care services.



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