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Transportation Services for Seniors

Going to the grocery store for a healthy recipe, meeting friends at a nearby restaurant, getting to an important appointment with your healthcare provider - transportation is an essential part of everyday life that many people take for granted. However, for aging senior adults wanting to stay active in their community and connected to the resources they need, transportation can pose a real challenge.

Why Is Transportation Needed for Seniors?

Many adults over the age of 65 experience loss of vision, poor hearing, slower reflexes, medication side effects, and stiff muscles as they age, making driving hazardous and, in many cases, impossible. Not only does this provide a logistical problem for aging adults in need of transportation, but it also feeds into the feeling of a loss of sense of self and independence that many aging adults face as they get to a point in life where they can no longer do the things they once did with ease. In rural and suburban areas, where 25% of America’s senior citizens live, travel by car isn't just a symbol of freedom and autonomy, it’s often necessary as access to public transportation is limited.

Transportation Service Options

Public Transportation

When available, public transportation is a convenient option for seniors who want to have control over their own schedules. However, it can pose a challenge for seniors living in rural areas or who have difficulty walking to and waiting at transportation stops.

Paratransit Services

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), cities that offer public transportation services must also provide complementary paratransit services to individuals who can’t use fixed-route public transportation due to age or disability. Paratransit services often consist of wheelchair-accessible vans but do not offer door-to-door transportation or additional assistance with getting into vehicles.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

For aging seniors eligible for Medicaid, non-emergency transportation services are available for assistance getting to and from appointments with doctors, dentists, therapists, exercise programs, and other health-related occasions at no cost to the individual using the service.

Private Ride Services

Private ride or ride-hailing services include calling taxis or using an on-demand, ride-sharing app to access transportation. Seniors can take control of when they call for a ride and choose the level of accessibility accommodations needed, but the cost of ordering rides can quickly add up.

In-Home Care Transportation

Non-medical, in-home caregivers can provide transportation services regardless of whether an individual needs to get to physician appointments, shopping centers, church activities, community events, special family events, hairdresser appointments, or out to dinner in a local restaurant. Caregivers have the unique opportunity to form a caring relationship with the individual they are providing transportation for and want to ensure seniors in their care can maintain their independence and freedom as much as possible.

At HomeSpark, we provide non-medical, in-home care for families based on a Personal Care Plan to meet your loved one’s unique needs. Whether you are looking for yourself, a family member, or a friend, our door-to-door services ensure you have a safe transportation option for your loved one. Contact us to learn more.



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